ICSEng2022 will accept papers in two formats: FULL PAPER and INTERACTIVE PAPER (SHORT PAPER).

FULL PAPER is for completed, high quality, 10-page papers. All accepted papers will be published in the Springer Proceedings "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems(ISSN 2367-3370)".

INTERACTIVE PAPER (SHORT PAPER) is a paper of 6 pages or less. These are papers that are in progress, presenting new ideas, budding research, content creation, media art, etc. All accepted papers will be published in "International Journal of Applied Informatics and Media Design(ISSN 2436-8814)".




The papers, accepted in a peer review process, will appear in the proceedings volume to be published in Springer’s "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems" book series, submitted for indexing by the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science) and Elsevier’s EI Compendex, DBLP, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and Springerlink.


  • Papers must be registered and submitted using the conference web system, by the 'Registration and submission of papers' date.
    • Separate, approximately 150-200 words long, abstract should be entered during paper registration (NOT separate file - just fill proper window). All instructions given at the conference website should be taken into account.
    • The paper may be registered in advance, and full paper may be uploaded (appended) later, however by the paper submission deadline.
  • Submitted papers will be reviewed by peer review. After reviewing all submissions, paper acceptance will be sent according to the schedule presented on the conference website. Only accepted papers will be published in conference book.
  • After paper acceptance a Springer copyright form (a so-called "Publishing Agreement") must be submitted to ICSEng (see below).
  • The accepted paper should be presented by one of its authors who must register for the conference and pay the fee. Accepted but not shown papers may be excluded from the indexation.


  • Submissions should describe original work not submitted or published elsewhere.
  • Papers will be checked on plagiarism and self-plagiarism by software provided by Springer.
  • Submitted papers should be prepared according to the template available at this page.
  • The required paper length is 10 pages. (Maximum of 12 pages)
  • Papers should be submitted both in MS Word with macros (.docm) and pdf (made from original source .docm) file format in one ZIP file.
  • LaTex format (Latex + pdf in one ZIP file) will be also accepted.


  • INTERACTIVE PAPERS welcomes papers on design works and art works. These include 3DCG, graphic design, media art, video, and computer games.
  • Submitted papers should be prepared according to the template available at this page.
  • INTERACTIVE PAPERS may be no longer than 6 pages, including figures, tables, and references.
  • Papers should be submitted both in MS Word with macros (.docm) and pdf (made from original source .docm) file format in one ZIP file.
  • LaTex format (Latex + pdf in one ZIP file) will be also accepted.
  • INTERACTIVE PAPERS will not be published in the conference book (Springer).


Paper template (with instruction for using template) and authors guidelines for the preparation of contribution may be found below. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting a paper. In doubtful cases, follow the instructions on the publisher's website.

Manuscript preparation (Word)

The instructions for LaTex format are available.

Manuscript preparation (LaTex)


  • Each contribution must be accompanied by a Springer copyright form, called "Publishing Agreement Form". We kindly ask you to fill in the form completely. Modified forms are not acceptable.
  • One author may sign on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper. In this case, the author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of any and all co-authors.
  • Authors are obligated to include the Publishing Agreement Form in the zip package together with camera-ready paper, and upload it until the deadline for sending the camera ready papers.

Publishing Agreement Form: Docx (Springer_ProceedingsPaper_LTP_ST_SN_Switzerland2022)

Publishing Agreement Form : PDF (Springer_ProceedingsPaper_LTP_ST_SN_Switzerland2022)


  • Author warrants that the Contribution is original except for such excerpts from copyrighted works (including illustrations, tables, animations and text quotations) as may be included with the permission of the copyright holder thereof, in which case(s) Author is required to obtain written permission to the extent necessary and to indicate the precise sources of the excerpts in the manuscript. Author is also requested to store the signed permission forms and to make them available to Publisher if required. Authors may obtain permissions using the questionnaire Request for Permission.
  • Please do not send these permission forms to us. Keep them in your drawer.

Request for Permission Form


  • The official language of the conference is English.
  • All presentation rooms will be equipped with a computer where presentations can be uploaded.
  • The Microsoft Power Point (for .ppt/.pptx/.pps presentations) and Adobe Reader (for .pdf presentations) software will be available on computers.
  • Authors are kindly requested to upload their presentation(s) to a computer before the start of a session.
  • Time of presentation (including discussion) is maximum 20 minutes.


For all matters related to ICSEng conference, please feel free to contact the Organizing Committee.


Guidance for Speakers
General remarks
  • Use simple, sans-serif fonts.
  • Use big font sizes
  • Space text, limit to ~6-7 lines per slide
  • Avoid all-caps, and use bold for emphasis
  • Try to avoid jargon in text content
  • Use sufficient color contrast – resources to test contrast
  • Avoid figures that are difficult for color-blind viewers – a guide for color-friendly figures; a downloadable color blindness simulator
  • If possible, make sure color is not the only way you convey information (e.g., denoting a heading)
  • Keep transitions and animations simple
  • Avoid unnecessary GIFs and do not use flashing GIFs
  • Avoid complicated graphics that could be explained with words
PowerPoint tips

If you use the PowerPoint follow Microsoft guides:

  • Microsoft Office guide for making accessible PowerPoints
  • How to use accessible color and style in PowerPoint
  • Guide for accessible slide design, including fonts
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Use a microphone if possible
  • Cover all displayed text
  • Describe graphics/images