ICSEng History

In 1973, a group of young scientists from Wroclaw University of Technology led by Professor Zdzislaw Bubnicki invited scientists worldwide to exchange ideas of modern problems of systems science and engineering. The first International Conference, "Systems Science," was held in Wroclaw, Poland (with some sessions organized in the nearby town of Szklarska Poręba). The event was a big success, and the organizers decided to continue with the conference annually. The first six editions of Systems Science (until 1979) were organized by Wroclaw University of Technology - attracting scientists from the USA, Japan, India, and almost all European countries. After six years, the conference was already well known as a forum for presenting original papers on the right professional level and integrating different systems science and engineering and specialists from universities, research centers, and industry. Professors Jerzy Świątek, Adam Grzech, and Leszek Borzemski organized the Wrocław conference alternately in different years.

During the conference in 1979, Professor Zdzislaw Bubnicki decided to organize future meetings in Wroclaw every two years. Professor Glyn James and his colleagues from the Coventry University in England suggested that they join a Wroclaw team to manage the conferences in alternate years in Coventry, UK. Consequently, the next edition in 1980 took place in Coventry. In 1983, Professor William Wells from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA, and his colleagues, including Professor Henry Selvaraj, joined Poland and England's teams. From 1984, the meetings were organized every three years in the USA, first in Dayton and Fairborn, Ohio, and from 1990, in LAS VEGAS, USA. Dr. Wells served as the founding dean of the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering at UNLV.